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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nothing in special - usual time pass

Feeling bad that i had not contributed anything to the blog recently. Been a bit busy recently. When happens, it happens all of a sudden.

To stimulate my cranium, Vimal's company has been great. He explained to me some of the tiruvalluvar sayings. What I was thinking all the while was how could the guy who lived so many years ago come up with easy correct and eternal quotes. There were some simple quotes that simply said a doctor must find the disease, find the cause for the disease and then find the cure and after considering all the sides of the cure give it to the patient. Simple effective facts of life. But then valluvar simply turned it to give deeper philosophical insights into many many things in common day-to-day activities.

I am still forced to believe that sight is completely dependent on the beholder. The deeper the beholder wants to see, the more enhanced his sight will be. Pretty hard to chew even for me. But as someone said, truth is always bitter.

I met the chowky yesterday night. I still dont remember his name. But then spending some time with him was good. We talked about many things, but nothing in specific. Just the usual time pass talks. I told him about the article on Nostre Damus on India & BJP in We just talked about the greatness of a man who lived a couple of centuries before us and still he was able to say what happens now. The power of astrology is great. Both of us agreed that it will be BJP this time.

During the conversation he told me that his insincts say that another bomb explosion is on the way. I did not agree with him totally, but the times are quite turbulent. Now-a-days you dont really need Pakistanis to plant bomb here. There are enough bad elements in our own nation to do the damage.

Lesson I learned:
The best way to motivate yourself is to be in good company. It doesnt matter who the other person is and what the exact topic you talk on. All it matters is the vibrant positive energy that must be shared among one another. AS the great man said, "Until you start talking, you will never know how big the world really is and how well knit all of us really are". Motivation doesnt need words. All it needs is the vibrant energy. Words only act like a strip of gold that is used to keep the diamond in place.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006


"People are always searching for ways to achieve great things in their life, but they do not know that the biggest task in life is life itself, ie. how to live happily. There is no task more difficult than that you live, after all, dying is the easiest thing. One who has solved the problem of living joyfully has acquired the greatest achievement of life.

Perhaps the ancient Chinese had understood the problem of life better than other nations. In an old Chinese proverb a question is asked ‘Who is the wisest person?’ and it is answered ‘One who lives happier than everybody else’. From this we can learn the Chinese philosophy of life and there is no doubt that it is true. If you have learnt the art of living happily in all kinds of circumstances, then believe you me, you have learnt the biggest thing in life. Now, after this the question does not arise about what else you have learnt. Be happy and keep telling other people not to make their faces sorrowful.

I liked a saying of one contemporary French writer, Andre Gide, written in his autobiography – to be happy is not only a physical need but a moral responsibility. The effect of the quality of our individual life is not restricted only to ourselves. It is contagious, it also affects the people around us. Therefore it is our moral duty not to make others sad by being sad ourselves. Our life is a room of mirrors. Every face is simultaneously reflected in hundreds of mirrors. If one face is downcast then hundreds of others will become the same. Our lives are not individual events, they are collective events. On the surface of a river one wave rises, but with one wave countless others form. There is nothing that is solely our own. Whatever we do for ourselves, others also share in it. No happiness would be able to make us happy if we are surrounded on all four sides by sorrowful faces. By being happy ourselves we make other people happy and when we make other people happy we become happy ourselves.

It is strange that religion, philosophy and morality all tried to solve the problem of life, yet all developed the tendency against life itself. It is commonly thought that the more despondent and long-faced a person looks, the more religious they are, the greater philosopher or greater moralist - as if knowledge and piety makes it a necessity. This insult and humiliation of life was not the trait of the Greek cynics only. The stoics and the peripatetic philosophers shared these elements. Gradually sad and sour looking faces became the predominant trait of the philosophers. Even the followers of eudemonism and hedonism had a tendency to display a similar despondency.

In the world of religion and spiritualism, dry piety and coldness have become so popular that now you cannot even dream of a pious or religious person with a happy face. Religiousness has become synonymous with harshness of character. Even if just one religious bigwig appears in a gathering, then a dark shadow is cast, making everyone uncomfortable.

We have to admit that by putting on the dry mask of a philosopher, pious person or a Saddhu we do not fit into the creation of the universe and the nature around. Nature’s forehead is shiny like the sun, and its face smiling like the moon. The twinkling eyes of stars, the dance of trees, the songs of birds, running water, the colourful play of flowers – dry and long faces have no place. Only life which has a warm heart and a shining forehead would have the effect of moonlight on a starlit night that would be like a flower among flowers."

Azad (1945) ,"Ghubar-e-Khatir" ,pp 96-100.


FROM ORKUT post on democracy

FYI, there was democracy even before the greeks in Tamil Nadu in India. I had the oppurtunity to read a small excerpt from one of books of Thiruvalluvar. There he had written the qualifications for a head of Panchayat, king and emporer. He was listing in modern terms the managerial skills needed for the post. There was amention of a person practically proving his own business before he can be chosen for a village pacnchayat chief's post. A King must similarly be capable of running 3-5 villages effectively before he can become a king. An emporer must be capable of leading 2-3 kingdoms before he can be made an emporer.

Democracy is not only of people intelligently choosing a leader. It must be for ppl to make a choice for a leader among highly competent leaders. The Europeans diluted the real definition of Democracy because they wanted legitmacy for their barbaric governments. Even the famous quote of "of the ppl, by the ppl..." was made in a rally to increase the popularity of the person.


i motivated someone - from orkut scrapbook

murali: For my PhD qualifying I spend 45 days for studying 9 papers. All technical. all for subjective questions. Since it was me, i used to sleep only 3-4 hrs for 4-5 days then took one day off for sleeping 16hrs. I think i should rephrase the sentence as i studied for 20 hrs for 4 days in a row and 8 hrs in the next day. If I can do it, so can you. My motivation for studying like that is to force myself to think that I will be doomed if i dont do it. I made myself believe that it was a life/death issue. That is the only secret for me qualifying the exam in the very first attempt in first chance, which turned out to be a record in BITS history. Bottomline, work real hard for it as if there is no tomorrow. Use dedication. Listen to motivating talks(usually your friends will do tht for you). CAT exam will be only as difficult as you want it to be. All the best.
One of the responses for the scrap:-

Ebin: hey i just read one of ur scrap to suman.i dont know both of u in person but
that was one real collection of words that motivated me.i have saved the scrap to take a print out.

Its always nice to hear that some words that come out of me accidentally reaches some one and benefits him.

Another proof for my theory of Information networking.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drug Addiction in Pakisthan

Today i read an article in India stating that about 3.5 - 4 million people of 150 million in Pakisthan are drug addicts. This is a huge number. It says about 2.5 % of Pakisthanis are addicted to drugs. I think the poliical instability in Pakisthan has taken its toll. How else can one take such a huge number into account.

Of course, in the article the cost of one "wrap" of heroin was out at 58 pak rs. I dont know how much alcohol costs in pakisthan. but then, the fact that many people are turning towards drugs despite the social taboo associated with it shows the level of degradation in the society. It seems as if the people are not getting enough ways to release their tensoin.

Anyways, I think the topic must be discussed in detail with a Pakistani. There is no point in speculation.

Just on hindsight, i wonder how many cigarete addicts and alcohol addicts are there. I have always thought that a minor fraction of smokers and drinkers only go for drugs.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Name problem with softwares

I hope Google AdSense will be coming up in this blog shortly. Anyways, I suffered again in the hands of wrong naming procedures. This time courtsey Google.

I am not anti-Google. I just disagree with their way of handling some things.

The reason for this post is to simply point out how nameing is a difficult task.

My Name as on Records is "Murali P". I had no choice in that. The Teacher in first standard (i dont blame her for that), just wrote my name as "Murali P" in the attendance register. Neither me nor my parents bothered about this. It is common in our school have a first name followed by an initial (first letter of father's name) written as name of student. There have been instances where people have a first name and a last name, as with my sister. There were people with three names as well. Now how is a common man about to think that every name must have a first name, middle name/initial and a last name. Asking for such a thing is preposterous.

If needed to insert, I should have written my name as Murali Paramaswaran Iyer. Murali is my first name. Parameswaran is my father's name. and iyer would be my "surname". Iyers are basically Tamil Brahmins. and I am a tamil brahmin. But, from my grandfather's (father's father) time, we never used to add Iyer to our name in our family. My Grandfather's official name is P B Rajan. My father's is just B Parameswaran.

Now, when we go to North India, everyone is assosciated with a surname. The is indicative of the caste of the person. In mumbai especially, you will hear a lot of Kulkarnis, Malhotras, Iyers etc. In fact, when my cousin went to Mumbai for job, he had to forcibly use Iyer along with his name, because that is how people address there. Its part of the culture their. Unfortunately for India, there has always been too much North India in the government procedures. So, you can find the column "Surname" in most of the application forms. WE dont NEED a surname. But then, you cant change a culture of a section of the nation, just because your part dont agree with it.

I am not quite an authority in Naming schemes followed elsewhere. But my observations have been like this. In general, many places have three parts in their name. A lucky few are bestowed with even seven or eight. I have heard of a chat friend mentioning name containing a first name, a church name , a latin name, a fathers name, a family name. Sorry fellow, the names seem quite confusing to me.

Anyways, coming back to the topic, When softwares started to pop up, they drew their line on the Name criteria. They started following their own "general" rules for names. SOme places, they dont really mind if the name is entered as "zzzzzzzzz". some places they are quite certain that a name must be of the form "XXX YYYY ZZZ". Some places insist on "XXX Y ZZZ". Some others leave the middle one optional. Poor VVS Laxman. COnsider him applying in a online form, which has porvision for just 3 parts. But then again, take the example of my friend Vaibhav, whose official name is just that.

Should the sites ensure some rule for the names? Well, just because I happened to learn to write an "int main()" in C, I would say that some rules are needed. It is easy for a person to give a simple name as "zxcv" because that is easy to type. I dont know whether in any culture, a person can have such a name. [If any reader knows such a line, please send comment]. The question is where do the rule makers have to draw the line.

I myself am quite confused about this problem. A better question for the designers will be, "Can i trust the user to enter his/her ACTUAL name?" Difficult Question. But then, a person inclined to write a bogus name will do that, no matter what rule you apply. Even if a form accepts a list of names as legal entries, still some tom, dick or harry will come in and pick up a name randomly from the list. I am of the strong opinion that users must be given the freedom to use their names.

My Google AdSense application was first rejected, because I had gven the name as "Murali P". When I responded to the AdSense team stating the reasons for the name change, (and I changed the last name feild -- i knew the fault is with the code script only and not on the person per se) a Mr. Andrsej responded to me promptly with a reply. I am thankful for the team members response. It at least shows that Google is run by real people and not by some bot. Still, there is nothing that the poor man could have done. Even Google is not at fault, because their design team must have thought of following this rule of first name-last name out of convention. Nothing wrong in that. But then to a user like me, it still is a jolt to hear that my name, the name in which I am known in my official records, is not acceptable in some place.

I hope, some day people will start using the proper names in all forms, and the programmers can start easily assuming that whatever their user enters in the field is going to be correct. But till ten, this will continue.

[I will enter my usual thoughts in true significance of name in some other post.]

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

About my political leanings - A Reassertion

This is a reaffirmation.

I dont support or oppose any political, philosophical or theological stand of anyone what so ever.

I believe in
||Sarvam Krishnamayam Jagat||

All is the same in the core of things. Heaven and Hell are one.

Though some of my ravings are becoming pessimistic in nature, I am not. You put a parrot in a brothel, it will only make sounds of the brothel.
I only respond to what is happening. I am becoming more concious of OSHO's urge to 'respond'.

I am forced to reassert only to aliviate any doubts that may creep into the minds of anyone.


Why WAR is eminent - a reflection

I am strongly of the opinion that a major war is going to erupt. Dont ask me where or when. But this is out of strng intuiton. And I trust my intuition well. My past has proved me that my intuition is almost always right.

Right now, there is all the ingredients for a major war to erupt. Biased hate to sections of society. Racism. When I say racism, it is both the "blue blood" syndrome and the feeling of victimisation caused by other people. Hitler called "Jews" as some one uses the F word, because he belonged to the later group. Then there is clear sign of "blue blood" syndrome coming from a select individuals in Israel and USA.

More people are becoming aware of immigration problem. Immigrants provide cheap labour. But they also reduce the nationalist identity. Add to it a few job losses, a few right wing propoganda to show the immigrants as BAD and voila! we have a potent population thinking that they are the victims of planned immigration by some tyrant.

The fundamentalists are gaining popularity. (for fundamentalism there is an earlier log.) In fact, fundamentalists are using one another to gain their popularity. And all these 'leaders' are minting huge money. I think, right now the fastest way to gain immense wealth is to sart a 'terrorrist' organization. Though the risks are immense, many people have started looking for it. I dont know whether there is even outsourcing involved in this act. But articles on abdul karim tunda make me feel that they are also rampant.

sometimes I am led to believe that the big war is already going on. Though I am not yet ready to believe it. You can blame it on lack of propoganda by those in war.

WE are covered by unfortunate events. There is bombings. there is kidnapping and kilings. There is outright show of military might. Israel is doing that. And then there are a hell of a lot of gainers among the non-participants. For example, China is booming because of Israel.

I am reminded about the story of Jackal making two goats fight. And when the blood started trickling, he started liking them.That jackal ended up dead, because he didnt have the dearth of management experts and strategic analysts in his pay roll. Now-a-days the jackals have turned professional, like many others. Rigth now, it is impossible to spot the jackal. He remains elusive, holding back his greed. Of course, he does lick blood that is falling down. But niw he does that while ensuring that nobdy sees him. And when someone does spot him, his PR gang comes in and bring forth other things so that no one notices that the jackal licked the blood. The Jackal has also become Conservative. He doesnot wait for the goats to die. In fact, he doesnt WANT the goats to die. He is using tactics to ensure that the goats remain alive, remain spiling blood and always elieve that the other is vile.

One of the important reasons for a major war is economics. Either a fear that the economy of a group will plunge, or a sight that lots can be arned by encouraging war.

The sadest part of the entire scenario is that people dont know what they are falling for till they finally enter the point-of-no-return.
I hope that there is GOD in reality and some how HE does something to save life on earth.

Better no man with life, than No life with man.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Democracy: Is it worth it?

There has been lots of support for spreading democracy in the world. Nations have been attacked, internal tumults have taken place; all in the hope of making a nation democratic. There have been Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, just to name a few. But no one has asked the real question; "Is it worth it?"

The preceding events in many of the countries have been exquisite. There have been instances when everyone agreed democracy is the right solution. I am not here to argue against the flow of events and their appropriateness. For that there are other blogs.

Also the question has to be understood in te right perspective. I am not saying that these countries don’t deserve democracy. I am not even suggesting that other democracies are not worth. It is true that many nations have developed with the help of democracy. But the underlying question is whether the changes needed to convert a nation to democracy really justify the ends. Is democracy so nice that it deserves to be spread in all parts of the world?

Let me start with my understanding of democracy. Democracy, as is being said, "is a government of the people, by the people, for the people". The main idea behind democracy is that the land must be ruled by the people according to their demands. Since a simple voting mechanism is being used, it is always so that the opinion of the majority will be followed. It is assumed that the majority will be sensitive enough abut the minorities apprehensions and will not do anything that will hurt the minorities. Democracy is the informed choice of a people to actively pursue the form of government that they shall follow with common consensus to help the people of the state live in the best possible way being carried forward by the people themselves.

I am not going to delve into the plus points of democracy to much. Yes; democracy seems to be the right thing for any place. what else is better than people themselves decide how they want to be ruled. After all, all the decisions are made by the people themselves. I am not going to talk about other good things about democracy. My main emphasis in this article is to point out the weaknesses of democracy.

By definition, democracy wants each person to be able to make informed choices. But how many democratic nations have above 95% of literacy? Even places that boast of high literacy rates, the functional literacy rate is still found to be less. (People interested to verify the validity of the above statements can use google. My words are based on findings from the various reports of NGOs in India and Latin America read in various news sites). The fact is that more than 35 % of population is functionally illiterate by the best estimates. I mean most people cant read and interpret what they read correctly. OK, there is still a vast majority who are still functionally literate. Will they be not enough to handle democracy well?

Here comes the next stumbling block. An average person is a highly prejudiced. The prejudice may be on something as silly as creationism or evolutionism; or something even more vague. People are led to believe things based on what others say. They will always be relying on self-serving people for gathering their knowledge. Even if someone is having the best of reasoning capabilities, still they can easily be subjected to propaganda. A quick glance through the various referendums is enough to understand this. There have been referendums passed and stopped because of pure propaganda. The issue of European parliament is itself a good example. People have voted for the wring reasons. My point is, there is usually no informed choice in practical democracy, simply because a nation is made up of individuals with all their follies.

Man, even from his earliest days, have always followed a leader. In very few cultures there have been mechanisms where the entire group of people sit and work out their problems rationally. I am sorry to say that the modern culture is not among them. Its almost always just the words of a few chosen that always get undertaken, whether they are right or not. May be once or twice their choices may be opposed. But in almost all the cases, it will be the rule of few even in a dempocratic setup. In effect, we dont have people making decisions, but only a few individuals.

Even in this modern age, discussions in their truest sense rarely takes place resulting in common consensus. Usually consensus has been used to mean that the current stand is the result of negotiations. Even if someone comes up with a nice policy by accident, by the time the policy is announced, it will be diluted enough by these negotiators leaving the policy almost worthless. So is democracy truely "is a government of the people, by the people, for the people"

[to be continued.]


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prof Venkateswaran's talk

I feel that I could listen to a great man talk yesterday when i heard Prof Venkateswaran in an informal meeting. I ended up cursing myself, why I didnt listen to his earlier speeches when i had a chance. All I can blame is on my general aversion to speeches. I think this is another area where I need improvement.

Extracts from the speech

There was a mention of dealing with others. Prof Venkateswaran is famous for his easy, warm handling of people. His advice on handling people is quite simple. Find out the beauty in the other. If you find something beautiful in some one, then there is no other way you can communicate to him/her. Deadly!!!

Another thing that struck me is his general sense of right. He kept on emphasising the importance of doing the right thing with all his real life example. It was quite inspiring to me.

He also talked about "going with the lot" scenario. Again the mention of doing the right thing was put forth. But here, he also mentioned lateral thinking concepts. He emphasised the importance of being able to do what can be done. He also implored us to think out of the box.

He quoted a couple of examples where he approached the problem differently. There was a situation in which a student had approached him for admission. His admission was not possible because of a technical glitch. What Prof. Venkateswaran did was altering the entire technical glitch totally. the student was not given because his father was only a daily wager. The Prof converted the status of the employee to regular worker. There was a feeling among some administrators that there may be a problem in future because of this incident. But then, no problem occured because everyone agreed that this was the right thing to do. The emphasis again is on right thing. There was another similar example where the use of alternating thinking is put forward.

In his speech, Prof Venkateswaran showed how to deal with responsibility. He had both academic and administrative responsibility. His approach of dealing with his responsibilities effectively is by not considering them as 'responsibility'. He assured us that there was no feeling of burden when he dealt with his responsibilities. All the work he did came to him naturally as the best thing to do. Hence he didnot have to consider them as responsibility. To him, everything was a situation, and his responses were always the right response to the situaton in hand. (I dont understand why this looks like spirituality than management technique.)

There was no moment in his talk, when he never directly or indirectly did not demonstrate the need for becoming a good communicator. "There are two things important in a good communication. One is speaking; the other is listening. A good communicator does both."

He mentioned one technique to remember the name of students. I have to do some sort of training to remember the name of people I meet. I am still lacking in that. His technique is simple. I am reminded of the malayalam proverb whose rough traslation is : To eat hot rice soup, start from the side. (Kanjikku choodu kooduthalanengil, vakkil ninnu thudanguka.)

His speech impressed upon me the need for training. Though he only mentioned the importance of training in relation to Library book reading habit, the significance of training was always looming some where around in the speech. From his speech, I was able to make out many areas where he had trained himself. I should find ways to conciously and unconciously train myself to be a better being.

Just like Ramkumar used to talk about incidents with students in his career, there was also mention of similar thing. There weremany places where the tones matched those of Dr A C Mathai in some of his speeches way back in raset. My observation is that all these people must be training themselves to deliver speeches in this particular pattern. I think this is a speaking technique. If it is a technique somebody must have written about it. Which again tells me to read more of management books.

Prof Venkateswaran touched upon the topic of reservation. Like me, he also is against reservation in higher education. He emphasised on the need to improve school level education before going to higher education. He pointed out the lack of apporpriate effort on the part of the government to improve the school education for the 'reserved' people. If they are given proper training in the school level, then they will be able to go to higher education with their merit alone. If a student is not able to apply because of fees, then now itself any banls are willing to come forward to provide educatoinal loans. The merit of the student doesnot depend on how much money his parents have; but only on how much effort he can put in.

I came out of the lecture hall thinking why I was not able to meet this person earlier.

Friday, July 14, 2006

|| Sarvam Krishnamayam Jagat ||

Sarvam Krishnayam Jagat.

Everything is filled with Krishna. This is what some of the folks say. Lord Krishna is expected to be present in every animate and inanimate object.
In every thing Paramathman resides. There is nothing in which That does not exist. The isness is expounded in every aspect of the living. The isness of the animate and inanimate is established due to the presence of the Lord. It can also be said that the isness is established of the Lord as well. There is no difference in meaning, because the Lord exists in all, and by existing is made to exist in all.

The story of Prahlada illustrates that Lord exists in every thing. The story is not merely a bedtime story. The insight provided in the story is massive. When we say, "exists in all", the question arises as to what exists. The answer logically is "Krishna". Who is Krishna? The bhakti saints spent their lives on understanding and loving Krishna. By Krishna only Paramathman is meant.

BUT, there exists another interpretation for the same sentence. Krishna also means Black color. So the sentence means, "everything is filled with blackcolor". Or, "Everything is filled with blackness". That will mean that everything is engulfed in naught. there is nothing in any direction we see. What is percieved doesnot exist. hence whatever is present in the perceptable world doesnot exist. This is entirely opposite to the previous interpretion, in which we stated that everything is filled with Paramathman.

So what is the real meaning of the statement? The one interpretation says one thing, while the other says the exactly opposite thing. The answer is qute simple. "Both".

This is when people will say that there is definitely something wrong. We have been taught in logic that everything is either true or false; either black or white. But no one has taught us about the greys in life, because people thought that greys were too obvious to mention. I said in a polished way. Actually, people dont know how to interpret seemingly self-contradicting things.

World is filled with Nothing and yet it is filled with everything.
The world is the product of Maya. Hence we can say that world doesnot exist. But to a person living, he cant accept tht whatever he sees and touches and senses is non-existent. But he can relate to it being filed by GOD.

GOD was invented by man to hide the Nothingness.

Hence the actual interpretation is in accepting both, because in Nirvikalpa samadhi, neither there is existence nor non-existence.

Thus the sentence is truth whichever way it is seen.


Friday, July 07, 2006

an about me

To me, I am not.
But to be I certainly am.
Truely there is certainty,
that to me is to be.

I have absolutely no idea wht tht means. but then to rationally explain all things around me; that is the only trait i dont want to master anyway.

It actualy took me one neural cycle to understands the vastness of the statement. The feeling at that instant was sort of engulping the entire globe and yet be out of it. I was hit by Krishnan and i hit him back. But anyway, wht matters is tht it seems nonsensical, and yet it is completely meaningful. Just like me.

I still can think of existential reality only. The non-existential reality is still a puzzle to me.

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something i wrote in response to an orkut message

when the water flows, it doesnot know whether it is rock or ice. It just flows. In flowing water exists. SWirl water, and water gets swirled. blocked water and water gets blocked. its just water, so why cant the water be allowed to be water.... to flow, to not flow, it is helpless, for all it is is water.
How can i quote myself? and if i dont quote myself, who will quote me? And if I only quote myself, then who am I?

There are things tht just happen. its better to leave it like tht.

Better be what you believe yourself to be than to be brought out as what you will never be.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Dominoes Effect - The quote

Its lot like the last domino standing happily near the chip that is going to be tapped first. The chip falls, forcing the next one to fall and all that it thinks is " Look at the beauty of dominoes". Occasionally a philosophical "Wow!! Here lies the proof that all are connected" hits its clay-filled cranium. When the pyro effects go, it becomes so very excited; waiting , watching and getting into a beautiful trance. Entrenched in this stupor, it wishes that it can also do rounds and keep falling like the other chips. Poor thing!!! It doesnt know that it will also fall. But till the end of the show - when every other chip has fallen and it becomes its turn to fall - it doeesnt even anticipate that it will also fall into the same trap.

[Everyone can use this quote anwhere, anytime, provided this is used to show the gullibility of a person/body/Institution as part of an advice.]