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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ajay relived that dark night again.

Ajay relived that dark night again.

The night was cold. The turbulent winds behind the shack that called itself as a tea stall was even worse.

Fingers ran through the pack of cigarettes, plucked out one and transported it to the quivering lips. The other hand unconsciously traveled to the left side pant pocket, retrieved a match box. The fingers damp with perspiration still managed to take out a match stick, strike and light the cigarette in a single sweeping motion.

Cough! Cough!

Fingers could still travel like it used to do three decades ago, but the lungs doesn't take it like the past. The next puff filled the first urge that had filled his mind.

"Sir, aap ka chai!", the shop-keeper yelled.

Alternating between sips of hot tea and the cigarette that had re-entered his hands, he lived through the events again.
If only, he had just stuck with his plan to just have that one peg of whiskey. But, no! He had to go for that whole bottle. He had to talk about Neha. He had to brag.

The cigarrete burned his finger and he dropped it. Reality hit again. He quickly paid and rushed back to his car.

All he had to do was to say, "Sorry yaar, didn't know she was your wife."


At least, he could have stopped when he shouted, "Ajay! don't kill me!"

The spot in the railway track was still there. Ajay had to do it once more.

The title is the six word story.
This story limited to 250 words.

Usual disclaimers apply. No, this story has nothing to do with any murder or smoking.
If you are not mature enough to know that smoking is injurious to health, watch this


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