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Monday, July 03, 2006

Dominoes Effect - The quote

Its lot like the last domino standing happily near the chip that is going to be tapped first. The chip falls, forcing the next one to fall and all that it thinks is " Look at the beauty of dominoes". Occasionally a philosophical "Wow!! Here lies the proof that all are connected" hits its clay-filled cranium. When the pyro effects go, it becomes so very excited; waiting , watching and getting into a beautiful trance. Entrenched in this stupor, it wishes that it can also do rounds and keep falling like the other chips. Poor thing!!! It doesnt know that it will also fall. But till the end of the show - when every other chip has fallen and it becomes its turn to fall - it doeesnt even anticipate that it will also fall into the same trap.

[Everyone can use this quote anwhere, anytime, provided this is used to show the gullibility of a person/body/Institution as part of an advice.]



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