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Thursday, July 27, 2006

i motivated someone - from orkut scrapbook

murali: For my PhD qualifying I spend 45 days for studying 9 papers. All technical. all for subjective questions. Since it was me, i used to sleep only 3-4 hrs for 4-5 days then took one day off for sleeping 16hrs. I think i should rephrase the sentence as i studied for 20 hrs for 4 days in a row and 8 hrs in the next day. If I can do it, so can you. My motivation for studying like that is to force myself to think that I will be doomed if i dont do it. I made myself believe that it was a life/death issue. That is the only secret for me qualifying the exam in the very first attempt in first chance, which turned out to be a record in BITS history. Bottomline, work real hard for it as if there is no tomorrow. Use dedication. Listen to motivating talks(usually your friends will do tht for you). CAT exam will be only as difficult as you want it to be. All the best.
One of the responses for the scrap:-

Ebin: hey i just read one of ur scrap to suman.i dont know both of u in person but
that was one real collection of words that motivated me.i have saved the scrap to take a print out.

Its always nice to hear that some words that come out of me accidentally reaches some one and benefits him.

Another proof for my theory of Information networking.



Blogger deba said...

yup...sachin is back in form ... :-)

July 31, 2006 8:01 PM  

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