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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nothing in special - usual time pass

Feeling bad that i had not contributed anything to the blog recently. Been a bit busy recently. When happens, it happens all of a sudden.

To stimulate my cranium, Vimal's company has been great. He explained to me some of the tiruvalluvar sayings. What I was thinking all the while was how could the guy who lived so many years ago come up with easy correct and eternal quotes. There were some simple quotes that simply said a doctor must find the disease, find the cause for the disease and then find the cure and after considering all the sides of the cure give it to the patient. Simple effective facts of life. But then valluvar simply turned it to give deeper philosophical insights into many many things in common day-to-day activities.

I am still forced to believe that sight is completely dependent on the beholder. The deeper the beholder wants to see, the more enhanced his sight will be. Pretty hard to chew even for me. But as someone said, truth is always bitter.

I met the chowky yesterday night. I still dont remember his name. But then spending some time with him was good. We talked about many things, but nothing in specific. Just the usual time pass talks. I told him about the article on Nostre Damus on India & BJP in We just talked about the greatness of a man who lived a couple of centuries before us and still he was able to say what happens now. The power of astrology is great. Both of us agreed that it will be BJP this time.

During the conversation he told me that his insincts say that another bomb explosion is on the way. I did not agree with him totally, but the times are quite turbulent. Now-a-days you dont really need Pakistanis to plant bomb here. There are enough bad elements in our own nation to do the damage.

Lesson I learned:
The best way to motivate yourself is to be in good company. It doesnt matter who the other person is and what the exact topic you talk on. All it matters is the vibrant positive energy that must be shared among one another. AS the great man said, "Until you start talking, you will never know how big the world really is and how well knit all of us really are". Motivation doesnt need words. All it needs is the vibrant energy. Words only act like a strip of gold that is used to keep the diamond in place.

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