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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why WAR is eminent - a reflection

I am strongly of the opinion that a major war is going to erupt. Dont ask me where or when. But this is out of strng intuiton. And I trust my intuition well. My past has proved me that my intuition is almost always right.

Right now, there is all the ingredients for a major war to erupt. Biased hate to sections of society. Racism. When I say racism, it is both the "blue blood" syndrome and the feeling of victimisation caused by other people. Hitler called "Jews" as some one uses the F word, because he belonged to the later group. Then there is clear sign of "blue blood" syndrome coming from a select individuals in Israel and USA.

More people are becoming aware of immigration problem. Immigrants provide cheap labour. But they also reduce the nationalist identity. Add to it a few job losses, a few right wing propoganda to show the immigrants as BAD and voila! we have a potent population thinking that they are the victims of planned immigration by some tyrant.

The fundamentalists are gaining popularity. (for fundamentalism there is an earlier log.) In fact, fundamentalists are using one another to gain their popularity. And all these 'leaders' are minting huge money. I think, right now the fastest way to gain immense wealth is to sart a 'terrorrist' organization. Though the risks are immense, many people have started looking for it. I dont know whether there is even outsourcing involved in this act. But articles on abdul karim tunda make me feel that they are also rampant.

sometimes I am led to believe that the big war is already going on. Though I am not yet ready to believe it. You can blame it on lack of propoganda by those in war.

WE are covered by unfortunate events. There is bombings. there is kidnapping and kilings. There is outright show of military might. Israel is doing that. And then there are a hell of a lot of gainers among the non-participants. For example, China is booming because of Israel.

I am reminded about the story of Jackal making two goats fight. And when the blood started trickling, he started liking them.That jackal ended up dead, because he didnt have the dearth of management experts and strategic analysts in his pay roll. Now-a-days the jackals have turned professional, like many others. Rigth now, it is impossible to spot the jackal. He remains elusive, holding back his greed. Of course, he does lick blood that is falling down. But niw he does that while ensuring that nobdy sees him. And when someone does spot him, his PR gang comes in and bring forth other things so that no one notices that the jackal licked the blood. The Jackal has also become Conservative. He doesnot wait for the goats to die. In fact, he doesnt WANT the goats to die. He is using tactics to ensure that the goats remain alive, remain spiling blood and always elieve that the other is vile.

One of the important reasons for a major war is economics. Either a fear that the economy of a group will plunge, or a sight that lots can be arned by encouraging war.

The sadest part of the entire scenario is that people dont know what they are falling for till they finally enter the point-of-no-return.
I hope that there is GOD in reality and some how HE does something to save life on earth.

Better no man with life, than No life with man.



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