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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A working immigration

Any country that has at least a small part of its workforce filled by non-citizens need to ask a simple question: why are so many foreigners working in my land? I am not entering the domain of xenophobia. This is really a simple question to understand about job availability in the country.

People may immigrate specifically because they are getting a better pay than their native. People may come for higher studies and just kept on extending their stay. Then there are asylum seekers, running away from war or political oppression. As a nation, only the last category is a responsibility(under humanitarian grounds).

Why would you ant to let other people enjoy a better quality of life in your place while some citizen is suffering due to their presence? The best way is to ensure that all people who stay and earn in your land pay the privilege for having a better quality of life. Why can't all the immigrant pay 10% more taxes than a normal citizen as a premium for the privilege of being allowed to work in a place with better quality of life? A flat immigrant tax can also be applied to asylum seekers after they have stayed in peaceful surroundings for an year. This should prevent people who immigrate under the pretext of one thing or the other but were only interested to earn more than their home nation.

Nothing wrong in Immigration, as  long as it's legal, they pay taxes, they don't eat too much of the welfare schemes.


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