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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drug Addiction in Pakisthan

Today i read an article in India stating that about 3.5 - 4 million people of 150 million in Pakisthan are drug addicts. This is a huge number. It says about 2.5 % of Pakisthanis are addicted to drugs. I think the poliical instability in Pakisthan has taken its toll. How else can one take such a huge number into account.

Of course, in the article the cost of one "wrap" of heroin was out at 58 pak rs. I dont know how much alcohol costs in pakisthan. but then, the fact that many people are turning towards drugs despite the social taboo associated with it shows the level of degradation in the society. It seems as if the people are not getting enough ways to release their tensoin.

Anyways, I think the topic must be discussed in detail with a Pakistani. There is no point in speculation.

Just on hindsight, i wonder how many cigarete addicts and alcohol addicts are there. I have always thought that a minor fraction of smokers and drinkers only go for drugs.



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