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Sunday, December 15, 2013


I was led to ruminate on silence, and a few things spilled out.

It all started with an innocent tweet:

followed by another one:

The loudness, the shrillness, the overwhelming feeling of being drowned in the abyss of sadness led me to think about silence.

Sometimes, silence is all we need. The beauty of disconcerting silence, tranquil silence, intermittent silence, vacant silence.

It is said: once a monk meditated on silence. he found that there are different types of silence. one such silence included satori.
From thence flowed the humble koan:
"In the silence between the wing flaps of a honeybee, the lotus bloomed."

The upbeat story can't browbeat the poor melancholy to submission. Melancholy, is but a prose,
whose chains behoove the lonesome men. 

A burst of cloud,

thunder and showers;
with silence soon to follow.
Poor toad cried to quench his thirst
but it fell on rocks so hollow.

There is vociferous silence, loquacious silence, sanguine silence, remorseful silence-- but, yes, sometimes, silence is all we need.

Sometimes silence talks,
sometimes silence pleads,
sometimes silence sighs,
sometimes silence breaths.
Sometimes, silence is all that is left in me.

Sometimes tears swell,
sometimes tears fell.
Sometimes fears poke,
sometimes tears choke.
Sometimes, silence is all that is left with me.

In this mute dishonest world;
in this crude voracious world;in this low remorseless world;in this huge salacious world;sometimes, silence is all that is left to me.
Indeed, sometimes, silence is all that is left  in me.



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