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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Unblinking eyes

മിഴികള്  നിശ്ചലം 

മിഴികള്  നിശ്ചലം
കിന്തു  ഭാവം പല തലം.

എന്നെ തേടും മിഴികളോ ?
അതോ നോക്കും തത് മനമോ ?

ഇവ മിഴികള് നിശ്ചലം
വെറും ഭാവം ബഹുതലം

തത് സ്മിതം ചക്ഷുവൊ
നീര് തളിക്കും ഗമനമോ

ആ മിഴികള് നിശ്ചലം
കിന്തു  ഭാവം കോ: ചലം

വചനം ഭാവം സംഹിതം
എന്നാല് മൌനം അതില് ചിരം

തേടും അര്ത്ഥം പലവിധം
കിന്തു മിഴികള്  ഇതു നിശ്ചലം

(This reflects emotions surging at a vulnerable moment of mine.
language needs some more finishing touches.)

Rough (horrible) Translation:

Unblinking eyes
But having many phases/emotions.

Are they eyes that are searching me?
Or is it a mind that searches me?

These eyes aren't wavering.
But hiding multifaceted feelings.

That is a smiling sight,
or is it the flow of water/tear/sadness.

Unwavering eyes
But where did its feelings go?

With words and emotions combined,
but silence was there forever.

Searching for all its meanings.
Yet, these eyes are not moving.

The eyes... without blinking, they look so still. But do they hide more than they reveal?

Often, I have wondered whether those eyes were looking at me. Are they searching for me? (May be so, at least I would like to believe so.) Or, perhaps its not those eyes that are searching, but it is the hidden mind/person behind it that is searching for me. At least I would like to hope so.

But these eyes appear to be unflinching. As if they belong to multiple planes, do they just appear to be unflinching.

(Are these eyes smiling?)             Are they trying to share their delight?
(Or are these eyes water-fllied?)   Are they shedding tears of plight?

Those eyes look to be still and mute. (I inquired what they felt. But they didn't seem to say much.)
But, did it's emotions lose their route? ( Are those eyes devoid of any emotions?)

Sometimes, they seem to encompass both words and emotions.
However, they keep their silence about them( about what they hold) forever.

In them, I kept searching for many meanings.
But these unwavering eyes  were holing back all it's dealings.

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