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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Collection of many musings written over time

Converting Heaven to Hell : THe Reservation Issue

Once upon a time there was a village by the name of Utham. People there were good, living a harmonious life. Each man chose his profession and was good at it. Slowly over generations, just because son always wanted to follow the foot steps of father, families became dedicated to one profession or other. Thus castes came into being. This is the story that I have always heard.

So if all were one once, then why should we differentiate one from another.

I think we should go a few years back in the pre-WW2 era. This was a time when eugenics was gaining popularity. People suddenly started to think, the genes had something to it. What they really want to say is "My family is better than yours". Or "I am better than you because I come fron so-and-so family". For ages the human ego had always wanted to say just that. "I am better than you". So what does that have to do with whatever I was talking about. Well, before the idea of eugenics even evolved in the Western mind, we Indians had already given a nice heirarchial mechanism for that by name of casteism. Utham was before our subtle attraction towards eugenics surfaced.

As far as the

[will continue when i get time]

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