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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Regarding Indo-US Nuke deal

Much have been said about the Indo-US nuke deal in the newspapers. Many people have came up with their opinions, both for and against the current deal

My gut feeling says, the deal must not happen.There is no point in rushing to a deal, if we really dont benefit from it. Going for a deal will put India in difficult situations in the near future, when the direct effects of the Global power equations change. At that time, we should definitely be having a free unbounded say regarding our nuke status. The responsibility with which India has carried out its nuclear facilities is unquestionable.

I do envision the equations to start changing by 2020. I actually was about to type 2050. Actually people would have thought that it is a much better analysis of the equation. But I am feeling more optimistic about the shift in paradigm. What we have to watch for is the upsurge of ungderdogs. Its going to come. But when and from whence, nobody knows.
(did i sound a bit poetical)

Tumutous times are approaching. Both in terms of nature and Man. The next 200 yrs is going to pave way for rather dramatic changes. People will start talking of nibbing buds and fertilizing plants. Its going to get more chaotic as it goes ahead. But things will come to a dynamically stable equilibrium.

my words have started to diverge into multiple topics that need to be dealt with individually.

To end with a quite that Ican think of right now:

What has come has to stay;
What has stayed has to leave;
But what has left stays forever.

In the winds arise the sound;
In the sound broils the field;
In the field manifests the eternal;
But eternal reamins the same.

I dont brew words,
for I dont know how to brew them.
But words flow out of me;
like water flows out of the springs.
Ideas trascend through words. And
since i dont brew them the words,
Ideas also ebb out uncontrolled.
What is words but idea transcending;
And what is idea but expressed as words.
Hence I dont think, thoguht comes to me.

I open my heart to those who know me;
But the words decieve themselves and I am left unsaid.
Where I leave, I dont see;
From where I came, I dont think;
But come and go I do every now and then.
Just as the waves that hit the shores.


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