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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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In noise blosoms silence. If not, then how can noise be?

Pradeep was playing with composer in my mobile. he was churning out too many tones, just pressing randonly almost all keys. At first it was irritationg. Then i tried to follow the tunes. It was noise, pukka.

the tune was buzzing for some 15-30 secs and then suddenly it stopped. And silence ensued.

it was the sweetest silence i've ever percieved. The whole world coming to a stand still. And then like a blosoming flower, the surroundings were engulfing the self. i could hear a lot of sounds, but then at that instance there was no perception. The thing that i wanted to do and was thinking that i will need to practice a lot, has come and struck me at my face.

there is only one question that arises right now.
Why are the questions answered in a latent manner, esp after pondering and leaving it aside?

its incredible how a little time spend writing is churning up my cognitons.
" Beauty of writing at last is drenching me in a stupor"



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