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Thursday, February 16, 2006

In'nova'tion - truth or farce?

The other day i was just meditationg on discovery and it struck me the futile nature of innovation. What is new? if we call 'new' as something that exists now, but didnot exist before, then there can be nothing that can be termed as new. As soon as something new is created, its existence is established. In the very next instant its existence cannot be termed as new.
Even otherwise, how can a 'new' thing be created. If it is possible to manifest something, then by nature its existence predates its first manifestation. The reasoning behind it is quite simple. What is manifested in reality? Only something that is manifestable can be manifested. For anything to exist, it must first be comprehended in a mind. Without a means to comprehend in a mind, nothing can exist. Thus if we have found out something that is manufestable, but yet not manifested, then by the very fact that it is manifestable makes it already manifested in a mind which comprehends it. Thus it is already manifested, when it becomes manifestable.

Now, when can something be manifestable? It depends on which mind we are talking from. If it is the Universal mind (assuming that there can be anything that can be termed as Universal Mind), then its existence predates everything. Hence everything is manifested in some distant past. Now, if we consider the case of a limited mind, the first question to be asked is how does anything get manifested in mind. Thought is the key to an idea. And thought cannot be born. thought is only the manifestation of a pre-existing idea. Its like rain is termed as the manifestation of cloud. Rain exists because of the cloud. By identifying the cloud itself, the imminent rain is manifested.

Thus innovation in reality is nothing but extracting a hither-to unseen cloth in a huge pile of clothes. The cloth is already there. What is to be done is to remove the other clothes that are covering it. the revelation of the other clothes lead to the revelatoin of the 'new' one.



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