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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Israel Has Started its Doom !!!!

Before I write anything, legal clarification. All the thoughts expressed are personal opinion and need not in reality reflect the ground facts. As for all my writings, Reader Descretion is strictly recommended. I dont have any personal grudges against Jews per se. Neither do I have anything against common Israeli citizen.

Israel is again trying to prove why Hitler was correct for all his Anti-Semitic outbursts. I mean, how else can anyone justify what the Israelis are doing against Palestinians. Come on. Everyone have fought. Every one have bought in bitter terms too. But no one drags meaningless things for years. Especially when a generation has passed. Now is the time when Israel must act in a mature manner and tame Hamas to come to lenient terms. Of course, to gain something, you will have to lose something.

Palestinians deserve the 50 million USD that comprise their genuine earnings. If I collect rent for some fellows home, and I happen to have a fight with him, I dont think I will deny him his rightful money. I will be throwing all the money I must be giving to him on his face . Then a simple dialogue like "if you want to collect your rent, do it yourself" will follow. What Israel is doing now is choking Palestinians. If you push someone, they may back off. If somebody backed off and you assume that its because you are strong and continue to bully, they may still be backing off. But a point will come when everything falls apart.

I am reminded of a Japanese anime that I saw in some TV Channel.(I think its Anime World. Not sure about the name.) In it a small orphan child was shown to be forced to work by his relatives. The child was heavily abused. Then in Nana Patekar model, one fellow came and told the child, "World will not help you for your troubles. If you are in trouble, you have to stand up on your own." The guy gave the kid a sword. "Fortune favors the stronger. It’s up to you to decide whether you are going to act strongly to your bullies or not". Just the few words were enough for the kid to slaughter his relatives when they harassed him next time. The point I am trying to drive is not that all Israelis must be butchered. I am just saying that the Palestinians will retaliate strongly. Retaliation wont be a set of "childish-like" suicide bombs. Psychology says, when nobody takes note of a person when he steals, then he will graduate himself to murder. When nobody takes note of a person when he kills, then he will try to find out more ingenious crimes that he can perpetuate. Hamas is that suffering child. Some wise people told it that it has to stand up on its own. The child took the sword. But then nobody cared. They tried to bully the kid with bigger swords. The child will try to find out more inspiring methods to convey the point now.

One thing, I have not yet understood is why Israel is so much upset about its so-called sovereignty. The fact is that Israel is a petty coin thrown to the Jews like some body throws it to beggars. In the current case, some fellow forcefully took money from one person and threw it as alms to the beggar. Perhaps Einstien denied the chance to become Israel's first leader because his conscience didn't allow him to earn the life from somebody else's alms. Israel never was and the very existence of a place called Israel is against the very tenets of the religion. I really want to see an English-speaking nation to be named as Heaven or Paradise. Forget a nation with that name, I would definitely like to see at least a city with that name. But there is no point in talking in those terms because most of the Israeli leaders know nothing about their religion and tradition like many of the fundamentalist clergy belonging to other religions. The formation of the Jewish nation was the biggest mistake of humanity.

The fact of the matter is that the entire Europe despised Jews. A quick glance through the popular newspapers at the time is enough to convince even a small baby that Europeans considered Jews as scum. The reasons for their hatred were varied. The negative image of Jews was popularised under the regime of Hitler. I dont think popularised is the correct word. The shrewd politician in Hitler understood that this general contempt is the jugular vein of the European people, something that he can hold to gain support. The entire was playing second fiddle to the whims of these dangerous concepts, till the so-called colonial super powers thought that Germany has grown bigger than them. Its a well known fact that everyone were jealous of Germany's development. Hitler used it to show Germans that he is delivering what he has promised. Europeans saw it as the showing off of German muscle. Most of the critics might try to argue that so many things went wrong. But the real achievements can never be hidden. Because of Hitler's open Anti-sematic talks, the buggers in the power centres of Europe found an easy scape goat in Hitler. They soon found out that they can put all the blame on the Nazi regime and get away with anything that they do. Just as the current Bush Administration has put the blame on others.(Please read Paul Krugman's column in "The Hindu" that came on 21-2-'06 titled "The mensch gap")

Statistics speak for themselves regarding the facts of World War 2. As the great Siddhuji said, "Statistics are like mini-skirts, they reveal more than they can hide." Already I have read enough material to seriously doubt the 6 million figure that is supposed to have been perished under Nazi era. And even if the figure were true, that doesnt give the Israelis all the liberty that they enjoy right now.

The images of the dread atom bombs that fell on the two Japanese cities show the real people who suffered in the second world war. Americans, it seems, had developed the habit of using any gap that they can find to show themselves off. Everyone must thank the American administration at that time to convert a simple European war into a world war. If the power centres at that time were so concerned about all the nice things that they profess, then the American base must have vanished from the Japanese soil. The Americans desecrated a mighty old culture, by forcing the Japanese Emperor to disown himself from his Godhood.

Godhood is the wrong term. People in the Eastern cultures know the truth about God. That’s something that very few in the Christian clergy at that time really knew. (Regarding the good and bad things of the Christian culture I will leave it for another day.) Even today, if any country can have a real say about anything that happened in the second world war, it must be Japan. I am still astonished at the despicable conduct of the American military, who dropped the second bomb after knowing what had happened with the first one. I don’t believe in the bullshit that people didn’t know the consequences of dropping an atom bomb.

The support given to Israel by USA is understandable. Unless the entire bunch of pro-Israelis that have infiltrated the US administration are not purged, I don’t think there is going to be any markable progress in the near future regarding the Israeli crisis.

What the good people in Israel must really be thinking right now is how they can solve the entire issue in a matter of 20-25 years. I think that is the amount of time it will need for USA to nose-dive into a powerless nation. The facts and figures from the administration is proof for that. And due to the good things that the Bush family has done to the world, American fall has accelerated. In a span of 30-40 years, Western domination of international political space will vanish. There will be three groups to content with. viz, Indian front, Chinese Front and Latin American Front. It will be as if three upcoming companies have taken over the market share of two heavy weights, who have forgotten the rules of the game. There will be a recycle of "Social values" in the west, with a string tug of war between the fundamentalists and the liberals. America and Europe will succumb to the disease that they spread to other places. There will be coalition Politics running in USA and ll major European Nations. Already the shift is visible in many of the nations. Israel will have to not only think, but feverishly worry, about the question of its existence at that time.

It is high time Israel decide that it has to let Palestine be its neighbour. And provide a corridor between the two pieces of Palestine. A better suggestion will be to say that they cant accept a single country by the name of Palestine, but two countries, Gaza and West Bank. No nation has lasted long if it is being split into two politically active chunks. (The case with USA is because the two parties fought like iguanas.)

But then from the signals emenating from the nation, it seems Israel Has Started its Doom !!!!



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