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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In response to a few words supporting war on Iraq

Now i understand why Bush was able to go to war in the first place. If educated people can be misguided about the 'legitemacy' of a 'war on terror' then Americans deserve to see their soldiers die. US soldiers have always had to bite the bullet because of some stupidity that their political bosses dream of when having a nice time in a fancy spa. the way jkendalls has said it, what is see is the direct effect of misinformation. The fact is the so-called terrorism is the by-product of all the failed missions of american intelligence agencies.

The macho words of "getting them in their own turf" is pretty nice if you are a general about to attack someone. This sort of aggression is the prime reason why the suicide bombers are motivated to blow themselves up. No sane man can commit suicide for any course. Please recollect the amount of motivation given to the Jap Kamkazees during WW2.

My friend, dont talk about the feelings of people whose living conditions you cant even imagine in your dreams. Please visit the places where the so-called terrorists are born and the circumstances that they grew up. Normal Iraqi people didnt hav any problems with US before they attacked Iraq. Then why should they attack the US forces now.(verbally and not physically. they are too powerless to attack physically.) What you are seeing is the slightly rotten side of an apple. Now the question is are you willing to cut just the rotten half and eat the nice part or are you going to curse the apple for the small part getting rotten and destroy the entire apple? Please think about it gentlemen.
America spewed aggression on other people. The foriegn policy after the decline of USSR was more towards making America the only nation that can say anything. Most of the policy decisions have knowingly or unknowingly angered one section of the world or the other. Now other people can easily be told that USA is the culprit and any one can easily motivate people to attack US. Even now the arrogance of the cirrent administration has not reduced. Please recall the article of Ms Rice in washinton post (I think). That is direct challenge to poor people. It simply says, "Right now I am the powerful person here. So if i say you should lick my feet clean, then you must do it. Period."

Regarding Bush's as President, I think you just have to see what he has done for Common American. Just to get a sample of what he has brought home, look at the budget deficit. Look at the amount of manipulations the administration is doing to hide the real state of affairs.

The fact is Bush fooled American citizens and used their money to wage a war that he and his dad had always wanted.
My favorite Quote:
"You can fool all people for some time.
You can fool some people for all time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time."


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