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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fly Fly

Fly! Fly! With your wings stretched, fly.
Fly, not because you have wings;
Fly, not because you have the urge;
Fly, because you know to fly.

Free the shackles that hold you back,
because they are not yours.
Clean your mind off useless worries,
because they are not yours.

When the urge comes forth to free yourself,
When the urge comes forth to clean yourself,
Just fly... Jus fly ...
Because you know you can.

Tears come down to cleanse my hurt;
Pangs are freed from the chest of wrath;
Darkness and light are but
just two sides of the same door.
When you see them both, you know you are the same floor.

It aint my nor my words, nor my deeds,
It aint the heavens, that knocks nor feeds.
Just open the heart and feel the breeze
the bells that ring, are for me.
So fly with the winds, fly with the rains,
fly with the heavens and fly with the flames.
You know you need, but you just wont heed,
That you know you can BE ...



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