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Sunday, March 25, 2007


The cool breeze was lightly cajoling me to sense the urgency around me. The deep strong desire to just merge with those lush green fields. The blades of grass gently shaking their head in approval. Encouraging me to join them. The chimes of gentle soothing calls were leaving me senseless. The very senses somehow trying to say there is nothing here, but pure bliss. When I breath in, the mild air is filling me with solace. On exhaling, the mildly warm air emanating from me is lightly stroking the greenery around me, as if the gentlest of warmth can somehow thank them for their kindness towards me. The rhythm of breath intermingling with the breeze, and the light rejoice of the green leaves making merry. I dont know whether it is possible to think of anything but the moment. Somewhere deep within the sweet music of enjoyment was flowing. The tune seems so familiar, but without the voices, so awe-inspiring. The muscles go numb with the sense of presence... Each cell in my body can feel the unexplainable presence. Its not in any way intimidating, but the presence makes the feeling of unity with itself. Each muscle in the body suddenly becomes live with sensations hitherto unknown. What is time, what is space ... these are things I just forgot to think about. I feel lightly closing my eyes to savor in more of the feeling But the effort needed to close the eyes seem so much that I just let the eyes remain open.



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