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Monday, November 05, 2007

USA - my latest vibes

Of late, i have been reading something on Nostradamus, and then came the crap about Anti-Christ and stuff like that. some where in the middle i read something like America will fall because of natural calamities.

Unfortunately for me, i read it around the time when there were wild fires spreading in California. Now, it is no fault of mine to start feeling for some vibes and finally i thought, if USA is to fall, it is more likely due to something they are not prepared for. Katrina showed us what USA cannot handle - not because of lack of resources, but because of lack of political will.

Whenever i hear bad news, i always think "GOD save America". When i think of those poor American common men, i really feel for them. They are really victims of the so-called American dream. A dream that many find hard to make true. A dream that many followed without knowing what they will end up doing.

Right now it is official that America did not attack Iraq for oil. The real reason why the current administration attacked, is the same reason somebody will pluck a leaf from a plant in the road and squash it and put it down. I hope what I just said makes sense. If it doesnt, dont worry. Because I also dont understand that reason. But, every human being has the innate ability to just play havoc in places where he should only bne a silent spectator.

As far as my latest vibes go:
The greatest threat to the mightiest empires spring not from outside, but within.
In fact, we often say, the greatest enemy of any man is the enemy within. The same rule applies to nations as well. If we remember the battle of Troy, the winning team attacked from within their enemy. That was the only reason why their enemies failed. Time has come for the American civilization to find out the place where they made mistakes and try to correct them.

The only reason why USA is still a weak nation is because they still dont know themselves.
Greatness is always the result of self-awareness.
Time has come for the nation to spend some time on domestic policies and stop over-emphasizing on its foreign policies. The conservative tactic of staying in power has left the nation weak and trembling in front of "terrorists". In fact, most of the so-called "terrorit"s were made by the conservatives themselves. Common man is not enjoying any benefits of the growth of the nation, and the political system, especially the conservative movement, has modelled the world around them in such a way that people feel that the conservatives are right.

For example, take the ad campaign of Republican Rudi Guiliani. He is coming up with some numbers which do not mean anything. He is talking about getting his prostrate cancer cured, but he never talks about who paid the bills of his treatment. He also never says what people who are not rich like him will do. By not talking about the things that really matter, but talking a lot about unrelated things the GOP was innocently following the same tactics that are the bane of the nation's politics. The "terrorist" health plan is seemingly unrealistic according to his team, and they need to be rooted out. If Mr Guliani is so sure that USA does not need any social plans, then he should look at what Hugo Chevez is doing in his own backyard. Please dont claim now some unrelated crap again on this point.

The real issue with the conservatives is their conservatism. Why the hell do the politicians cry about the immigrants (legal/illegal). I really dont know how many of their own ancestors had come legally to the americas.

May the inner eye open the world outside.



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