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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The murder of Saddam Hussein

It was with great sadness that i read the brutal murder in the hands of misbehaving lunatics on my way back to work in the train. And what does Indian government do? A lame meaningless show of remorse. It is high time people actually come forward and tell openly "Mr Lunatic, your decision was wrong."

If I were to choose between Iraq under Saddam and current Iraqi scenario, then Saddam was a great ruler. There is no denying that Saddam did a lot of bad things. I am not even trying to defend Saddam Hussein as a great dictator and all. Every one knows what Saddam Hussein has done in the past to his own people; not only to people whom he has openly hated, but also those poor people he has butchered because they tried to hurt his personal image as a great ruler. But, when Saddam Hussein was hanged, all I can say is that the perpetrators did something worse than what Saddam himself has done.

Every one dealing with Saddam knew what will happern to them if they are got working against him. Everyone also knew the day the current American administration declared war on Iraq that all they want is to dethrone Saddam and subdue him. The day the court trials had started, it was quite evident that even the so called justice was merely a show. I am not against killing Saddam. In my personal opinion, all those people who usurp their powers must be punished in such a way that no animate creature will in the near future dare to do some thing like that. But, killng a bad guy as part of justice system and premeditated homicide are entirely different things

First of all, Saddam Hussein should never have recieved so much power concentrated on himself. Saddam Hussein was not a weed that just grew in the some part of the garden. Saddam Hussein was a plant purposefully replanted from elsewhere, just because the gardener liked the plant, and then when his whim for having the plant in the garden was over simply plucked out. He was fed and raised because people thought Iraq is good with a brutal leader like him than with ther rival nations. Saddam Hussein is another American mistake during their cold war.

I remember a story being told to me in my school days. It was about a boy who cut an apple tree growing in his fathers garden. When the childs father asked who cut the tree, the boy apologised and owned up his mistake. That boy was an American gentleman who later on became the President of that nation. In a country where there is already a precident of people willing to own up the mistakes that they have committed, what the current administration is trying to do is to simply cover up their old mistakes and in doing so, making more and more of them. Saddam was a mistake during the cold war times. Saddam was not a tool to divert the attention of people from domestic failings. There are many more mistakes that USA Administration has done in times when it itself thought that it was in war. If we have to go by what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, more such cases will show their head now.

Kamsa had thought that he will meet his death in the hands of Krishna. Even a man who is so certain that his own existence will be under threat, still only put in jailthe parents of his would-be killer. If all that was required was the death of Saddam Hussein, then why the showing of Saddam to media and keeping him alive. THe people who have caught him could have killed him then and there. Instead the world was shown a false show of justice; something not even the most talked about daityas have not done. Much less Iraqi blood would have flown if Saddam was killed within a week of his capture. It would have gone with the set of cruelties normally associated to a war. Not conscious effort to play cat and mouse and let the Iraqi situation worsen. No war is worth being fought, if it cannot end within a decent period of time. Even the greatest of natural predators dont go after a prey that they cannot catch.

The actual untimely hanging of the former dictator doesnot hurt me as much as the way he was ill-treated during the last moments of his death. Hitler was a lucky man. He could orchestrate all the horrible things that are said to have happened and still he didnt fall into the hands of such lunatics. The man was already disgraced by the way he was treated after he was caught and shown around. But denying him the chance to die gracefully. That is some thing that only the Satan can do. And when all these things were happening, the man who was making a case for killing Saddam, was having a peaceful vacation in his ranch and not even bothered about the outcome of his supposedly most important mission in his presidiency.

Time has come to ask the question, "What Next?" Will such outrageous activities continue? Should global citizens like us keepur mouth shut, thereby endorsing the misdeeds of rogue minds, or should we actively go behind people and ask them the difficult questions?

Countries, like human beings, have their ups and downs. US is going through its down. Now whatever they touch is not going to go well. People may still hear them because they were great people before. But time has come for some rather serious unbiased internal discussions. Let the mind of the nation weigh all the past activities and decide the correct path forward. Let the good exercises needed to bring the positiveenergy back to the nation be adopted. All people make bad choices. But the question is, should the bad choices be stubbornly imposed on the self for ever or should corrective measures be taken and the nest step be taken up.

Ancient medical knowledge says
diseases are the bodies way of saying that some thing inside the body is not functioning according to its design. Wise are those who mend their life style and improve their body's harmony.

An old verse goes some thing like this

On searching, one may find a flying bird with no wings.
If more effort is put, even rabbit's horn could be found.
IF utmost effort is put, one may even spot moon on a new moon day.
But in no instance can one correct a fool, unless he corrects himself.


Blogger sweetchillad said...

I dont agree with you at all.. Saddam was a murderer who deserved to die so unceremoniously. It is sad that that Indian government even condemned it (Perhaps they did so because of the strong muslim vote bank of the congress). It was even sadder to see that people ignored the butchery at Nithari and were busy condemning Saddam Hussein's execution. As they say கத்தி எடுத்தனவனுக்கு கத்தியால தான் சாவு... :) See my blog also whenever you find the time.

January 28, 2007 7:17 PM  
Blogger Murali said...

Well, my friend, please read carefully once more. I am not denying the wrong things that Suddam did. My show of protest is on the way people had tried to put a veil on the actual actions that need to be taken, instead of making a mockery of "justice".

Saddam made a hell of a lot of bad politics. But would you have done any different if you were in his shoes? How many of the decisions that he made were forced upon them?
My perspective is that Saddam became bad, because the world was not good to him.

July 13, 2007 1:02 PM  
Blogger Santosh said...

yea, the fact that US orchestrated such a big show and sham to induce a sense of "democracy" is the biggest joke. I am reminded of the saying in the Bible - "remove the plank from your eye before taking the dust out of someone else'"
I really wonder if Lunatic would ever be punished for his crimes against Iraqi people.

August 07, 2007 4:01 PM  

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