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Monday, May 01, 2006

About my political leanings

I have been thinking what is my actual political leaning.

I dont like any of the political parties. So i thought myself to be some breed of liberal; Anarchist may be. But then I have always been interested in dictatorship. So i thought i may be some supporter of autocracy.

After lots of thought, I am happy to say, I am neither of any of these. But the explanation is going to be tough for me.
I am a person without any "ism". What is so tough in it? Well, logic says a person who is refraining from any "ism" is "an anti-ismist". I am not even that.

By not confirming to any single disciple, I am free to use the nice things in all the disciplines, without the negatives in them.

My basic principle is, "give to patient according to his desease".

The beauty of practical politics is that all the theory in the books are good only in some situations in some places during some era only. Though many things prescribed will work in most of the similar places, nothing can be confirmed because of the very innate temporal identity of the polity.



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