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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Energy as chande of state

It might seam strange, but if we look at most of the processes in the nature, they seem to flow with the sense of innate chaos. For example of water flowing, wind blowing, magma flows, cosmic dust's flow. . . In fact, it even spills over to the virtual workds created by us, like the money flow, or you can say stock market variations. At a glance, they look as if they do have a pattern, but then when we look deeper into them, they simply look unconnected.

In the sense of meditative gabbling , even the electric charges came into the picture. Suddenly the uncertainty principle struck me somewhere. so is there an electron? apart from a sense of abstraction, it is not possible to sense the presence of electrons and protons and their flow over an electric wire. But then, we all can say for sure that just as air exists, so do electrons. Just as tree leaves sway because of the power of air, so do bulbs glow. but then to perceive the electrons are not possible.

Now if it is not perceivable, then it cannot be sensed by the sense organs, and if cannot be sensed by the organs, then the existence of an electron is as questionable, as the inexistence of electrons.

it is more possible to picture the sense of electrons and protons as nothing but the negative and positive instances of harmony. The harmonious one, looses its balance and leads to unharmony, and since the innate is harmonious in nature, unharmony cannot be maintained. hence the unharmony will strive to become harmonious by the flow of air, or the flow of water, or the flow of money or the flow of electrons. As far as the natre is concerned it is not important what constittes it, but in what sense of harmony they are.

Just as water take the form of vessel it is placed in, so do the harmonious mix with one and all in the nature. But the unharmonious cannot mix and merge with anything due to its nature. Hence it needs to seek its compatible other half so that it can become harmonious again. It is in the nature of the unharmonious to seek aggressively for the other. This innate urge itself is the energy that drives the bulb, the force that pushes the leaves, the unforseeable that churns light breezes as well as cyclones.

THus energy is nothing but the unharmony of one part of the object. But what if the object contains more than one sense of unharmony? What if every time one type of harmony is achieved, another always props up? In the sense that, do all the actions resulting for one type of unharmony effective in achieving the goal?

There is struggle in life, because we need to figure out the mechanism for reaching harmony.

The equilibrium need not be passive inanimate as is usually visualized, but it is to be a dynamic attempt to seemingly r=touch the equillibrium without actually touching it.
It may not really make sense, because it will be beyond sense, but not really nonsense. The thin line (as if lines can be thick too.) Loitering around in the verge, just seemlessly interlinked with other side aside. the waves may churn but they dont exist, as the sound may come out from the silence to. The sense of presence that just about touches, but then when actively sought for, never really was there.

it is hard to type, because of the effort needed, but it is not possible to stop, brcause the gush cannot be stopped. it just flows out , innately searching out the garbled keys of the keyboard, yet unaware that the letters typed do add up to something. there are swirls and there are cross swirls. but then wihout all there, there wont be the wave. do words have to have a meaning, but then f they dont have one, wont they cease to be one.

thoughts stop as if they pass, but then it can only mean that they just stopped being percieved. if thoguhts could stop, then wont the mind go to stop, but then having never seen a mind that stopped because of lack of thought, how can it be made sure that the mind will stop.

if there id no effort to conciously make an effort to be active, then will it be termed inactive?? will it have to be like that?

The ravishing is all but state of mind, but then by acknowledging that the states change and so do the resultant energy waves that flow out too. after all energy is nothing but the shift of the state of the innate mind of an object.



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