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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai blasts

its truly disgusting at the way people are sensationalizing the despair of others.
I have started feeling that the news channels should be banned totally from showing terror strike footage. at least, i feel it is better to suffer without knowing what is happening around you, than to end up in the trap of news channels to boost their earnings.

the TV footage was clearly showing what is visible from outside. Any terrorist could have observed
the TV footage and changed tactics and end up urting more people.

another thing that was observed was that the reporters were showing images of blood and showing suffering among the affected. A terrorist is a sick person, who wants to see people suffering. They enjoy watching such a scene. they crave for seeing that their planned attack is creating suffering to people. Showing scenes like that will only motivate them to go for more blasts, as it had happened in the Indian mujahideen case.

Of course, i shouldnt be just saying negatively alone. there are good journalists too. for ex, the camera man who put down the camera and helped pickup the person lying in the road, and put him in the car. But then one good journalist really doesnt balance the rest of the unruly mass. i did see cameramen who didnt allow the ambulance door to be closed. that is shameful.


I have come down to Dubai for a conference.

its a really marvelous city. I guess our government people should look here and create infrastructure like this.

People have a nice sense of driving.

Overspeeding fine is strictly implemented here. I heard the government earns around 1Mn Dh, i.e, around 1.5 cr Rs. from overspeeding fines, parking fines., etc.

Frankly speaking , dubai is just buildings and shopping malls, and te desert safari.

I had the opportunity to go to 2 desert safaris under 2 different companies.

Ppl who are interested to go to desert safari must really spend time choosing the correct company as well.
Personally, my experience with dubai tours and travels services was decent. they charge @ 160 Dh for a person. I heard of another friend of mine who went to a different tour operator's camp. they were charging 300 Dh.
Depending on howmuch you pay, the quality of the desert safari will increase.

more on dubai later