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Monday, December 31, 2007

My visit to wagah border

i had always wanted to see how pakistan looked like. i just wanted to check out how different it is from india.

Last week, i went to visit amritsar and wagah border along with my uncle. The border closing ceremony was a real delight to watch....

But more stunning was the number of people on either side of the border watching the border closing ceremony. The one thing i observed was the number of people who had turnep up to watch. The indian end of the gallary was packed full. The BSF jawans had to rope in people from gathering too much. On the other hand, the pakistani side was slightly less in number. I think i hardly counted 200.

According to the jawans over there, the rush in the pakistani gallary was more on that day as it was Id. But I seriously couldn't understand the reason for keeping a big gallary in the other end, if the turnout is going to be that less.

The Pakistanis were not much different, except for the dresses they wore. But then many of the muslims in india also wear htat same dress. I think it is more of a muslim dressing sense, than a pakistani one. I didnt notice anyone wearing shirts and pants. But then, I was not in a very good position to judge from that distance anyway.

Contrary to the popular belief in our side of india, pakistanis are not that tall. They are just like us.

After the flag was lowered and the gates were closed, I could get nearer to the border and get a glimpse of the other side. Looking at the other end all I could think of was that it is not that different from this end. On our side of the border there was fields. So too are fields in the other end. The texture of the soil also doesnt look much different. I seriously dont understand why there should be a different india and pakistan.

I think during the time of "independence" there were too many lunatics around. My old urge to capture pakistan and integrate it back to india rose through me again.

When the air is same,
When the water is same,
When the earth is same,
Why then should there be distance
between hearts of two men.

Monday, December 17, 2007

how to defeat USA?

at last, i have found the solution to one of my favorite riddles.

I feel, to defeat America, all is needed is just one person. And you are wrong, it is not Amma. Te award goes to narendra modi.

this power hungry political machine has the unique ability to talk gibberish, carry a section of people along with him, bring out all his political opponents, and still be able to hold on to his seat. Incredible!!!

If Narendra Modi is elected, then he will be having the hard core backing of religious fundamentalists in USA, the sort of people who dont know what religion tells them to do, but can reproduce any half of the religious text, as if they are stored on some computer's hard disk. And then there will be a string of innocent listeners, who happen to believe his words, without knowing what will happen when they elect him. Among people running for the current election, just look at the ratings of the students of narendra modi to understand what i mean.

This guy knows that you dont need sound economic or social or political plans to run for president. all is needed is the right numbers at the right places. Thats an art, the neocons already have mastered.

Then the next president should be able to do what Bush failed to do. Commit suicide and still try committing it again and again. One attempt, i think people can escape from. But many attempts one after the other, i think is hard to beat.

In short, make sure somebody as insane as bush gets elected, and sit back and relax. USA fill fall. And it will fall very badly.

Disclaimer: any untoward remark against a person or country is not meant on the person themselves, but only a general remark on the way things are going on. The author has no personal grudge against anything/anyone mentioned in this part.