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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The essence

With the onset of the much awaited tempest, the smell of the silent seas left the lush green forest. The buttreflies treating, with the nectar oozng out, it is but natural to be intoxicated with the essence of what is called life. The agile motions are indicative of the fluidity that is inherent. As each little muscle fletches and stretches, the effect of the innate is subliming. The luscious flow intermittently tickled by the gentle cajoling touch of the branches.

As the young bird stretched its wings and made that first flight, amazingly perfect, feeling the wind flow through it, that new feeling of being afloat - so seemingly natural, so seemingly de facto, yet so new - with the nature becoming one with the released self; thats when the essence merges with that stroke of the buttefly.